TS2K Limited
Limited function controller for the Kenwood TS-2000 transceiver.

(Not suitable for the TS-B2000)

Universal Application

  • Requires MacOS 10.4.4 or greater
  • Compatible USB<>Serial adaptor such as the Keyspan

  • Limited:
  • Does not access TS-2000 memories, except for entered satellite memories.
  • Does not access most of the extended menu items.
  • Does not access CW or voice memories.

  • Feaures:
  • TNC communications (very simple terminal window) and Packet Cluster Tune Modes.
  • Sky Command.
  • Repeater Mode.
  • Satellite Mode.

  • AppleScripts included to control transmit/receive from "cocoaModem". (Thanks Chen!)
    If upgrading a previous version of TS2K Limited, it might be necessary to redefine (re-find) the script folder in cocoaModem preferences!

    Release - 1.0v3

    Download Version 1.0v3 (.07)

    To install, drag the unzipped TS2K Limited folder to your applications folder.
    TS2K Limited is Freeware. (We do accept donations using "PayPal".)

    Some of the screens below are from slightly older versions.
    SSB Mode receiving S-6 signal.

    CW Mode.

    Screen grabs below are from older versions.

    Satellite Mode

    Sky Command Mode
    FM mode (Repeater) using main transceiver.

    Transmitting FSK
    Packet Terminal Window (connection using sub).

    Packet Cluster Tune