RDCP+/Mac, Version 2
(The Plus Edition)

RDCP+/Mac is a communications software package to interface your Macintosh to models of Kantronics TNCs. Designed with a focus on the amateur HF digital operator, full functionality is available for amateur VHF AX.25 packet. While directed to the amateur operator, RDCP+/Mac contains features of interest to users of the commercial versions of Kantronics' products.

RDCP+/Mac uses the Kantronic HOST mode allowing simultaneous connections on VHF packet and the HF digital modes when using the KAM or KAMXL.

This application is now a bit "long in the tooth" and is offered as freeware (or donationware). It does continue to function on MacOS 10.5 but is questionable at this time on 10.6. Since it was originally shareware, a registration code is required and you may calculate your own code at the end of this page.

Please download and install the latest Keyspan software if using that adapter.

If using a KAM-XL, please check the Notebook of hints for the KAM-XL and PSK31

The full packages no longer contain the RDCP Log application. Due to changes in the manner the RDCP Log and MacLoggerDX are selected, it is now possible to place those applications at any location on your hard drive.

The RDCP Log is now a separate download and there are versions for MacOS X and Classic MacOS (8.x, 9.x).

Download package including all necessary files for MacOS X ONLY!

Download here - about 1.41 meg.

There are older versions available for MacOS 8 and 9 but are not posted here. If you have a need for an older version, please contact us.

To calculate your registration code, enter your call sign then press OK:

To unlock all the features a registration code is required. If you have problems or questions contact us. (JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address.)

JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address.

A donation is not required but is appreciated. Thank you!
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