"RDCP Log" is a simple runtime FileMaker 5.5 application which may be used with selected versions of RDCP/Mac and also as a stand-alone application. FileMaker is NOT required.

Items such as Rig, Antenna and Band may be user modified.

Included is a database of countries and prefixes which contains some sample entries.

Data from existing logging helpers used with RDCP/Mac (FileMaker 2, 3, and 4) may be imported into this application. Export all your data records to a .DIF file from your current log then start "RDCP Log" and import. Select "matching names" and add new records in the appropriate dialogs.

This is "freeware"

Download the MacOS X version.

Download here - about 2.5 meg .

Download the "Classic" version. (Requires System 8.1 or higher and a PPC with at least a 601 processor)

Download here - about 4.9 meg . (.sit file)